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in class fuel economy. it's our most innovative altima ever. ♪ pf. >> a three-judge panel is deciding texas's voter i.d. law. texas has sued the justice department for blocking its new law that, like similar measures in indiana and georgia, would require government-issued photo i.d.s at the polls. opponents of the law say they disproportionately affect black and hispanic voters and violate the landmark 1965 voting rights act. >>> omar van honey has been covering the voter i.d. laws, thanks for join being us. >> thanks for having me. >> take a look at your latest article, it looks at the impacts of the voter i.d. laws on the presidential election. how big of an issue is this for president obama's campaign? >> they're taking it very seriously. on the campaign already subtly and overtly they're going and telling people in these really main-based groups that you talked about, african-americans, hispanics but also young voters disproportionately affected by this, they need to turn out, african-americans at even a better rate than they had in 2008, and there's concerns that these voter i.d. laws
. a threjudgpaneis cidi texas vot i. w. tes haued the jtice depamentor bloingts new law that, like similar measures in indiana and georgia, would require government-issuedhoto i.d.s at the polls. opnentofhe l sayhey diropoionaly aect ack d hpani vots a vlate theandmk 15otingight act. >>> omar van honey has been covering the voter i.d. laws, thanks for join being us. >> tnks f hing. >>ake lk aourates arcle,t loo at e impts ofheoter.d.awsn the pridenal elecon. how big of assues ts for esidt oba's campaign >> they're taking it very seriously. on the campaign already subtly and overtly they're going and telling pplenheseeall in-bed gups at y taed out, ricaamerans, hispics t aloungoter dispportnate ated th, theed tn out, african-americans at even a better rate than they had in 2008, and ere'sonceshat ese vot i.dlawsn so swg stesould he a rl effe. >>e' tkingbout hany balegrndtate whe ts mighbe eecti? >> 's really a handful right now, but there's places like pennsylvania, for example, wch yo canvenuestn i 's a battgrou sta, mtolls sh iteani to obam ltle titer is tim arnd, b you lkt th nber in nnsyania th
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, people from texas and arizona are keeping an eye on an election they cannot vote on. millions in mexico, voting for the next president. and the potential results have u.s. officials concerned. four candidates are vowing for the seat of felipe calderon. how are things going in mexico city today? who appears to be in the lead there today? >> hi, richard. as tens of thousands of mexicans go to the polls, they are being watched closely by hundreds of election monitors from around the world. this is bag day here. a big turnout. and at some of the polling places in mexico we have seen lines that are blocks long. leading in the polls, in the presidential race, is 45-year-old enrique pena nueto. he is from the pre, they led mexico until they were voted out in 2000 among widespread allegations against corruption. pena says pre is the party to reduce the horrific violence seen inç certain parts of mexi now. some people read this as mexico intending to lessen its focus on the controversial drug war which caused 55,000 lives. >> mark potter from one of the largest cities in the world, if not th
is in two states, essential, almost 50% in california and texas. so you're talking about -- >> not florida? >> not florida. >> cuban. >> cuban. but 25 million latinos in this country live in two states. when it comes to november, those voters in california and texas are essentially negated because california is going to go blue, and texas is going to go red. so what other states to focus on? florida, colorado, and new mexico, and nevada. and if you want to add another wrinkle to it, nevada and new mexico both have latino governor whoz a s who are republicans. >> it's also a huge deal what you're doing with nbc >> we are the basis of hispanic america, and this is our new home. >> we put a lot of time and energy into building a property that would be reflective of the hispanic-american experience, and we -- what we see is that latinos are part of the fabric of america. who is going to tell that story? so we had this opportunity with a blank canvas do build a brand-new property that would really put latinos first and fomost, front and center. it's a segment that's really been unde
base in texas. 13 killed. 42 injured. and the shooting at columbine high school in 1999. two teenagers shot and killed 12 of their classmates and a teacher before killing themself, and in january of just last year, a gunman opened fire at a meet and greet with congresswoman gabby giffords, six people were killed and 12 others wounded. and who doesn't want 50% more cash? ugh, the baby. huh! and then the baby bear said, "i want 50% more cash in my bed!" phhht! 50% more cash is good ri... what's that. ♪ you can spell. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? ha ha. ♪ by what's getting done. measure commitment the twenty billion dollars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our
to weather now, more than 100 homes in houston, texas are under floodwaters this morning. rescue crews pulled more than 50 people to safety after a local creek flooded. bill karins is here with more. >> good morning to you, alex, this weekend this weather pattern, a little unusual around the country. still very warm but not the oppressive heat. yesterday notice highs across the country. many in the 80s and 90s. what has changed though that the jet stream which controls where the air comes from is just going up and down and up and down, kind of like a snake across the united states. this means a slow moving weather pattern. the air isn't able to go west to east across the country quickly. it's forced to go up and down and that means sort of a stagnant weather pattern. and you'll see a similar type day today. we have a lot of moisture that worked through the intermountain west, which is good because of the wildfires, we'll take whatever rain we can get there in utah all through the dakotas, we should have a chance of showers over the next couple of days. maybe in the mid-atlantic, additional sh
, jessica ghawi, who grew up in texas, loved hockey, she was an aspiring sportscaster. alex sullivan, 27 years old, there celebrating his birthday with friends, his co-workers. today would have been his first wedding anniversary. matt mcquinn, also 27, died saving his girlfriend, diving on top of her. sam anna that yoter was shot in the knee but will recover. micayla medek had a facebook page filled with humor and liked to call herself a sandwich artist working at subway. 26-year-old jonathan blunk saved his girlfriend. a navy veteran, two children. 18-year-old a.j.boik, a local student at gateway high school. petty officer third class, john larimer, 27. he joined the navy just last year e is being mourned by his parents and four siblings. 32-year-old rebecca wingo was a single mom of two daughters, going to the local community college hoping to build a better life for them and in the meantime was working at a local restaurant. gordon cowden had taken his two teenage daughters to see the new batman movie. he died, 51 years old. and 29-year-old jesse childress, an airman, an athlete, a de
of justice says the voter i.d. law in texas would disenfranchise 600,000 minority voters who don't have the approved foam form of identification. also pending this month is a law get south against the pennsylvania voter i.d. law which could stop more people from voting in november. joining me is leila mcdowell of the advancement project involved in both lawsuits. welcome, leila, thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> your grointer veined in the texas case which goes to trial tomorrow. what do you think's gonna happen? >> well, we hope that the court will uphold democracy, because that's what that case is ultimately b 600,000 already registered swroeshts disenfranchised by this law potentially. >> what does this law ask for and how do we know that number, 600,000, would be affected? >> so, what this law asks for, like the other state photo i.d. laws it is very restrictive in that it asks you to provide certain information, certain documents in order to get a state photo i.d. and you already have to provide documents and identification for -- when you register to vote but t
of his court-martial in lackland air base in texas. he was convicted yesterday on all 28 counts he faced including rape, aggravated sexual assault and multiple counts of aggravated sexual assault. >>> in today's political headlines, new details are out this morning about mitt romney's trip abroad next week. he will depart on thursday to meet with leaders in israel, poland and britain. president george w. bush will not appear at the rnc convention. he supports governor romney but respectfully declined the invitation to go to tampa. >>> on the kmiks front, state unemployment rates were released yesterday. in 27 of the 50 states the unemployment rate rose in june. in the key battleground states, 5 out of 9 had increases, ohio was the sole swing state to see its number improve. it fell by 0.1%. >>> more on the delicate operation under way at the apartment of the colorado movie theater shooter. we have a live report on the investigation and new reaction from witnesses, next. my volt is the best vehicle i've ever driven. i bought the car because of its efficiency. i bought the car because i co
. romney left to run texas salt lake city olympics. >> he is the chief executive officer during this time. >> legally on documents i suppose, yes. he's not attending any meet. >> no meetings at all. he never showed up at any meetings. >> i will tell you this, it was ten years. can i remember every single meeting? no. but i remember mitt was gone. we had a management teamworking hard to manage the company. we had to negotiate for terms of mitt's departure and everybody's departure at that time and it was difficult to get any time from mitt to get him at -- his attorneys said so do that because he is so busy working on the olympics. >> okay. when you hear all of that, does that clear anything up? or does it open the door for more questions? >> well, with gray area like that, of course there are always more questions. so perhaps he was on a conference call at some point. if he was on a conference call, did he provide some sort of advice that led to another transaction? we don't know. maybe he did go to a meeting. that man doesn't remember all of them. basically, alex, the romney campaign and
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)